Prominent Former SAS® COO Joins Investor Team and Board

June 17, 2014

Raleigh, N.C. – Help Get Sponsors received its first round of funding for its new sponsorship software from former SAS® executive Greyson Quarles, it was announced today. The full service sponsorship sales and management agency recently launched, a software technology designed to automate the process of sponsorship sales and management services for event owners and directors.
 “I’m thrilled to support Help Get Sponsors and join its board of directors,” stated Quarles. “As an active endurance athlete having participated in events all over the world, I see the enormous need for event owners and directors to get help selling and managing sponsorships for their events.”
According to founder Tom Crichton, Help Get Sponsors is on track to close its “Series A” funding within the year. The subscriber-based software is currently being sold nationally with active subscribers all over the country.
“Greyson joining the Help Get Sponsors team is an enormous step in the right direction for us,” said Crichton. “We will look to Greyson for his experience in the financial and software industries, and key contacts as we roll out the software that will fundamentally change the way event sponsorships are sold and managed.” is a subscription-based software designed to help managers and organizers of events get sponsors to promote and underwrite the costs associated with their events. The easy-to-use software uses templates to help event managers identify sponsorship opportunities within their events, accurately price sponsorships based on industry standards, manage event details, and create proposals, contracts and sponsorship task calendars. For more information visit


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